SiteGround Cloud hosting is fast, fully managed, autoscalable and allows you to customize your plan. It comes with 24/7 VIP support. SiteGround provide up to 8 CPU cores, 10GB memory, 120GB SSD space and 5TB data transfer. It’s optimized for the most popular applications. SiteGround use lightweight linux containers with SSD disks for resource efficiency and site speed. You can add more resources to your server in a click or set them to auto-scale when your traffic go up without rebooting. Get fast support by real experts. SiteGround configure and manage the infrastructure and server software for you. SiteGround keep 7 offsite backups of your account from 7 consecutive days to guarantee no data will ever be lost. You can choose among 4 data-centers and add free CDN for better geographical accessibility and local speed. (66)

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