Liquid Web managed WooCommerce hosting. There are more than 3 million web stores powered by WooCommerce. This managed WooCommerce hosting comes with industry leading support. Your store will faster than all 3 million web stores. Liquid Web created a platform that will radically help your store’s load time. And we all know that customers who wait too long will leave your store. That’s why performance matters, because it affects your bottom line. Liquid Web built a different set of tables to store order data that reduce query loads by 95% and increase your capacity (without upgrading plans) by more than 75%. The partnership with Jilt, the leader in abandoned cart technology for WooCommerce, means you can take immediate action to capture this lost revenue. The partnership with Glew means that you can turn your store’s order information into actionable data that transforms how you do business. The elastic and scalable platform gives your store all the resources it needs and helps it stay fast, without requiring architecture or server changes. Liquid Web created more than 20 performance tests to help you know, in advance, that your store will be ready for whatever traffic you’ll get. Instead of spending money all of the different components you need to optimize your store, why not get everything in one place? We include the best for WooCommerce like Astra, the fastest eCommerce theme for your store, a page builder, Beaver Builder, and Jilt, the leader abandoned cart technology. (133)

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