Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting for mission-critical websites. While many hosts update your WordPress installation, they leave your plugins alone. After all, who wants to be responsible for your site if two plugins conflict with each other. Liquid Web do! with automatically update all your plugins in a separate environment to make sure there’s no conflicts. If everything looks good, we update your production site. Liquid Web partnered with iThemes to provide you with iThemes Sync Pro. With it you’re able to: Monitor site uptime/downtime, Track and view Google Analytics data, Check the SEO status of posts, Control what clients see in wp-admin. You’re able to manage all of the sites you run from a single location. If you use the same plugins and themes when starting a project, now you can save time by starting your next project with a Stencil. Stencils apply the plugins and themes you saved to your new site so they are installed, activated and ready to go. If your site speed becomes slower, most of the time, this is due to the size of the images you upload. This is why Liquid Web built a way to compress all your images to keep your site fast. (129)

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